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JAQ's Folder Structure

JAQ manages 3 network drives. These are the...

Jobs Folder. Usually shared as a J: drive, its contains your customer Job folders.

Quotes Folder. Usually shared as Q: drive, and could be combined with the Jobs folder in some JAQ installations. It contains your customer Quote folders.

Utility Folder. Usually shared as U: drive, and was previously knows as the "Uploads" drive. It contains folders for customer and supplier information, employees files, templates, etc.

On some JAQ installations, especially the cloud servers, all 3 drives could be under one share, eg J: drive. So under J:/ you could have J:/Jobs/ for Jobs, J:/Quotes for Quotes, and J:/Utility ( or J:/Library ) as the general purpose folder.

JAQ uses a specific folder structure for each drive, for example, the Jobs drive could look like this...

      J2304 Fit security doors/
      J2481 Replace broken window/
      J1244 Replace Rollerdoor/


The Quote drive is similar to the Jobs folder. JAQ creates the customer folders using the customer code, and the job or quote sub folders using the job/quote number and title.

The Utility ( or Library ) drive looks like this...

     { Folders for your customers. QA templates, etc }
    { If you use JAQ's database backup function, it will be saved here }
    { Miscelanious documents }
       { Watermark files for quote PDF's }
    { Folders for your employees. Photos, scans of licence's, etc }
    { Files for the Equipment Register }
    { Files for the Incident Register }
    { JAQ saves CSV and accounting exports here }
    { Files for the Stock Register }
    { Folders for your suppliers. Price lists, etc }
      { Contains files you can attach to emails sent from the job, eg invoice payment options, etc.}
      { Contains folders and files needed for every new job. JAQ copies this to the Job folder when you add a new Job }
      { Contains files you may want to copy to the Job folder if needed }
      { Contains files you can attach to emails sent from the quote, eg Our Terms and Conditions, etc.}
      { Contains folders and files needed for every new quote. JAQ copies this to the Quote folder when you add a new Quote }
      { Contains files you may want to copy to your Quote folder if needed }

The JAQ program expects to find the above folders them in these locations, so it's important not to move, rename or delete these folders.

Same applies to the Jobs and Quotes folder, JAQ creates these folders for you when you add a quote or job to the system. If you move, rename or delete them, JAQ will want to re-create them. You can add extra folders, copy files into folders, etc, but don't change folder names created by JAQ.

If you have any questions about the folders, please contact