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Using JAQ from a mobile phone

JAQ needs to display a lot of information on the screen, and this is fine on a PC screen, laptop or tablet. But mobile phones with their tiny screen present a problem.

PC version on Mobile

The JAQ pages with display on a mobile phone, but the text is scaled down by the phone, making it impossible to read. You can zoom in and pan around the page, but this is slow and frustrating.

To try and address this problem, JAQ has a "mobile friendly" interface.

On a mobile phone, JAQ will display a simplified version of the page, in a tall narrow format.

This format lets you see the basic information, and perform some basic editing functions, from your mobile phone.

Ideally, this mobile friendly interface is only used while you are away from your PC or tablet, to quickly look up details about a job, quote, or client. You can also raise a purchase order, add a job or quote, and fill in your time sheets. When adding new purchases, jobs, etc, JAQ will only let you enter in basic information, such as a job title, who the customer and contact is, any notes, etc. You can then fill in more details when you have access to a PC ( or laptop, tablet ).




Mobile version

As you can see, the mobile friendly version of JAQ will only let you access a few basic area's. This is intentional, JAQ is designed to work on a full screen ( PC, Tablet ), so its not possible to use all of JAQ functions on a mobile phone.

However you can access JAQ in desktop mode from your mobile phone by pressing the bottom button on the menu screen. It will mean a lot of zooming and panning, but at least you are not limited to JAQ mobile friendly options.

The mobile friendly version of JAQ is used when your out in the field, visiting a client or supplier, and need to look up information in JAQ. Its not designed for entering quotes, jobs, etc.

If you need to use JAQ's mobile friendly pages, you need to tick the Mobile Device Access option on the Edit Employee Details page. Then when you next open JAQ on your mobile phone, and log in, you will see the JAQ mobile friendly menu screen. If not aready configured, you will also need to talk to your IT provider about a "port forward", so you can access JAQ from outside of your office network.

Below are some screen shots of the JAQ mobile friendly pages.