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Job Item Groups

Groups let you group items together on the job. Look at the following example, where the customer has ordered 5 Widgets and 2 Ding Bats. We have Ding Bats in stock, but need to manufacture the Widgets. Note, this page assumes you have enabled G3 on the JAQ setup page.

These are the job line items we put in earlier.

For the 5 Widgets, we've allocated 2 hours to set up the jig, 5 hours to fabricate the widgets ( 1 hour each ), 10 meters of material, and 1 hour to pack and send.

For the 2 Ding Bats, we have those in stock so only need to pack and send.

Below is the grouped list.

The customer called, they want to change the order to 10 Widgets. We open the job in edit mode.

Next we change the quantity on line one from 5 to 10. The Group Title category has the ability to update quantities for other line items in the group.

This change will update all the quantities of items in the same group, with the exception of items with the FGQ tickbox ticked. FGQ means Fixed Group Quantity, and if its ticked, changing the Group Title quantity wont affect it.

These items were updated

But these were not.

We ticked the FGQ option for line 2 because in this example, we only need to set up the jig once. It didnt matter if we were making 5 or 10 Widgets, setting up the jig was a set fee.

The FGQ option can be set up at the kit, quote or job stage. However, if a Kit's list of items include FGQ ticks, the kit must be expanded for the FGQ option to work on a Quote or Job.