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About JAQ Software

JAQ Software is a sole trader business owned by myself, Glenn Littleford. The business name has been in place for only a few years now, but my experience in the software industry goes back to the early 80's, when I was trained in software development as part of my apprentiship with Telecom ( now Telstra ).

Since then I've kept up with the current software technologies and computer hardware systems, and have found a few niches in the industry, particular in web interfaced based applications, like web sites and intranets.

I've also been involved in manufacturing as a production manager, IT manager, and electronics technician. A bit of a jack of all trades, I was the guy who one minute would be developing software to display WIP reports, and the next replacing a coolant line in a 5kw laser. I find my varied background has given me a "out side of the box" approach to my software development, I tend to think like a end user instead of the developer.

Why "JAQ Software"? My main software product, a intranet system used by a few of my clients, is called JAQ. JAQ stands for Jobs And Quotes, and is a registered trademark.


Contact JAQ Software

Glenn Littleford, developer

E: sales@jaqsoftware.com

M: 0409 375 776

P: 07 4693 7086