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JAQ Templates.

In JAQ we can create custom templates, or forms. These can be used as

  1. A invoice or quote to send to a customer, replacing JAQ default pages with your own custom page.
  2. A custom printed page, like a Job Sheet.
  3. A form for the employees to fill in, like a QA form or check list. These are called JAQ Forms.

For items 1 and 2 above, JAQ can take an existing Word document and use it like a template, replacing keywords to give you a completed document. This means you can create custom documents to supplement JAQ's default documents.

For item 3 above, you can create a form in JAQ with fields and checkboxes the employee can fill in, and the data they enter is saved in JAQ. We can also use this data to fill in a Word template, and this could be saved in the job folder. These forms are called JAQ Forms.

To create the Word templates, you use MS Word ( or Libra Office, the free alternative ), and insert keywords that JAQ will replace with real data. These templates are saved in the Library folder ( we suggest the Library/Templates folder ), in the Word DOCX format. JAQ will copy these templates to the job/quote/etc folders as needed.  
JAQ can use DOCX files from MS Word
or Libra Office Writer

JAQ can use Word templates for the following, example documents can be downloaded further down this page...

  • Quote pages
  • Print Job pages
  • Print Subjob pages
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Statements

When combined with a JAQ Form, the templates could also be used for...

  • QA forms
  • Despatch Inspection forms
  • Employee forms
  • Equipment bookout and return checklists.

These JAQ Forms can be filled out by employees using their PC, tablet or mobile phone. On completion of the JAQ Form, JAQ will save the data entered, and this form data can be recalled and edited if needed. If there is a Word Template associated with this JAQ Form, JAQ will grab a copy of the template, fill it out with the form data, and save it in the required location, a job folder for example.

When JAQ processes a template, it will save the new updated documewnt in the following folders, depending on what the template is used for.

  • Quote templates are saved in the Quotes /Doc folder.
  • Job print pages are saved in the Jobs /Doc folder.
  • Sub Job print pages are saved in the subjobs /Doc folder.
  • Invoices are saved in the Jobs Invoice folder.
  • Invoice Statements are saved in the Customers folder.


In Summary JAQ can take a Word template and fill it in for you. You can create a form in JAQ for the employees to fill in. You can combine the two, so a form filled in by the employee can then be used to fill in and save a Word template as a completed document.


Creating the Word template.

Below are the keywords JAQ will look for and replace in the Word template. Keywords can be contained in double square brackets [[ ]] if it makes it easier to identify them when editing the templates. Eg both [[QuoteNo]] and QuoteNo will work.

Example -

Hi [[CustContact]],

Please consider our quote [[QuoteNo]] for [[QuoteTitle]].

Keyword   Replaces with
TodaysDate   Today's date
QuoteNo   Our Quote No
QuoteTitle   The Quote Title
QuoteDesc   The Quote Description
LeadTime   Lead Time, for Quotes
EnqNo   Customers Enquiry Number
AdditionalComments   Additional Comments, for Quotes
QuotePriceExGST   Quotes amount in $ ex GST
QuotePriceGST   GST value of price
QuotePriceIncGST   Quotes amount in $ inc GST
JobNo   Our Job No
JobTitle   The Job Title
JobDesc   The Job Descriptione
JobDelDate   The Job Deliver Due date
CustCode   Customers Code
CustOrderNo   Customer Order No
CustName   Customers Name
CustFax   Customers Fax Number
CustPhone   Customers Phone Number
CustContact   Customer Contact Name
CustDelAddress   Delivery Street Address
CustDelCity   Delivery City
CustDelState   Delivery State
CustDelPostCode   Delivery Post Code
CustPostAddress   Postal Street Address
CustPostCity   Postal City
CustPostState   Postal State
CustPostPostCode   Postal Post Code
CustPaymentTerms   Our Payment Terms
SalesPersonName   The Employee assigned to the Job or Quote
SalesPersonPhone   The Employees Phone
SalesPersonEmail   The Employees Email
JobPriceExGST   Job amount in $ ex GST
JobPriceGST   GST value of price
JobPriceIncGST   Job amount in $ inc GST
InvoiceNo   Invoices Number
InvoiceDate   Date invoice created
PaymentDue   Payment due date
PaymentMade   Date payment received
InvExGST   Invoice amount in $ ex GST
InvGST   GST value of price
InvIncGST   Job amount in $ inc GST
SubJobNo   Sub-Job No
SubJobTitle   Sub-Job Title
SubJobDesc   Sub-Job Description
SubJobDueDate   Sub-Job Due Date
AssignedTo   Employees assigned to this sub job
ScheduledToStar   Waiting until....
ExpectedToStart   Best guess
ExpectedToFinish   Best guess
EstimatedSubJobHours   Estimated/Allocated hours
MyName   Your name. The person doing this.
MyMobile   Your Work Mobile
MyEmail   Your Work Email
You can suggest more keywords to add to JAQ's by contacting

To provide a table for the quote/job/invoice items, include the following table. JAQ will look for the keyword ItemDesc, use that to identify the row, and make as many rows as needed to display all items. You can edit the table to change colour, font, remove colums ( except for the ItemDesc column).

Item Description Qty  
Sub Total
ItemLine ItemDes ItemQty at
Total Ex GST
Total GST
Total Inc GST


Inc and Ex GST. The ItemPrice and ItemSubTotal values will be inc or ex gst depending on the GST option being ticked on the Quote or Job page. You can force GST ex or inc prices, see below...

ItemPrice , ItemSubTotal Uses whatever is ticked as the GST option on the job/quote.
ItemPriceEx , ItemSubTotalEx Excluding GST prices
ItemPriceInc , ItemSubTotalInc Including GST prices


Special case, invoice statements. These can be created using the "Inv Statement for Customer" page. For a invoice statement template, use this table below. The row identifier in this case is the InvNo keyword.

StatementDateFrom, StatementDateTo = date range of the report

Invoice No Our Job No Job Title Invoice Date Due
Amount Ex
Amount Inc GST
InvNo JobNo JobTitle InvDate DueDate
Total Due

The Total Due rows will exclude any invoice amounts that have been paid.


Troubleshooting and examples. If you change the font, colour, and size of the text, and then find JAQ didnt replace a keyword, edit the template and retype the keyword manually, then test it again.

While JAQ can take a DOCX file, update it with new data and save it, JAQ can not print it, save it as a PDF, or display it in the browser window. So you will need to open the finished document in MS Word or Libra Writer.

Some example files -


Once you have created the template, you need to add it to the Document Register, so JAQ knows where to find it, and where its used. On the Edit Document page, the following options will tell JAQ how this template is used. First tell JAQ where the template is located...

And what parts of JAQ it's used for....

Once set up in the document register, the templates are available in JAQ. For example, we've set up a quote template, and now we can chose to use it when sending a quote...

To create a JAQ Form, you first add a new document to the Document Register, then on the edit Document page, tick the option JAQ Form. The page will expand to show the following fields.

The best way to learn how this works is by example. If you were to fill in the fields like this....

you will end up with a form like this....

The Keywords ( F100, F102 etc ) are important, they are used as keywords in a Word template if you want one filled in by JAQ on completion of the form.

An example template for these forms is available here.

If you want the form automatically added to new jobs and sub jobs, you can tick the options


Setting up templates can at first seam complicated, so if you need any help with your templates, please contact